About Us

Who we are ? PBT Historical fencing ! 

PBT historical fencing line is a brand new development of PBT Fencing company that has been producing and selling sport fencing equipment for more than 20 years.

Several World and Olympic Champions use our equipment and we believe that we are part of their success. We keep up the high standards that we established with the help of about 45 people who work in the production and sales.
We became seriously involved with historical fencing when we were invited to the Dreynevent 2011 in Vienna. We realized there that there was an enormous demand for appropriate, protective and decent HEMA/WMA equipment. A lot of fencers shared their needs and thoughts with us about what kind of HEMA gear they look for. This was the moment when we decided to develop our own PBT-styled HEMA gear.
Our first move was the modification of our already existing mask protector for coaches. The other "small" but very important step was the development of our neck protector. Parallely we were developing a HEMA jacket.  After several hours of discussion and many e-mails, we arrived to what we believe is the appropiate jacket. In addition, we re-branded our already existing PBT products like 350 N black uniform or 350 N and 1600 N masks. The developments have not ceased with these though, we are constantly experimenting with newer products that can be introduced to the market.
Our aim is to fulfill the needs of as many historical fencers as possible, to provide gear for many weapons from dagger to longsword fighting, from rapier to stick fighting. This is why we have spent hours discussing with HEMA fighters and tried to integrate their advices as much as possible into our new gear. All our equipment have been examined and carefully tested  by experienced HEMA fencers. This helped us a lot in developing the appropriate products.
Each of our equipment is made by qualified tailors who take special care of all the details. We would like to offer good quality and safe fencing equipment at all times. 
We ship HEMA gear to all over the world and we do our best to make your purchase easy by providing a fast and reliable customer service.