General Terms and Conditions

A. Ordering:

  1. For online ordering you have to register. Please activate you registration by clicking on the link sent to your email address.
    Non EU prices are applied to orders from outside the EU.
    For EU prices are applied to orders from the EU.
    Our prices DO NOT include the costs of delivery.
  2. Please put your desired products into the basket and when you are done just „Check out” and proceed with the order.
  3. While ordering please take care to choose the needed product(s), size(s) and product quantity(ies).
  4. We confirm your order enquiry within 3 working days, give you the transportation costs and method which will be ADDED to your total equipment purchase amount.
  5. After ordering and its acknowledgement the possible amendments could be accepted only when the package is not closed or in case of special items,sizes as long as the process of production has not been started.
  6. With the registration, the customer agrees to sign up for the electronic newsletters of PBT. If the customer does not want to receive newsletters, he or she can unsubscribe with the help of the link on the bottom of the newsletter.
  7. PBT guarantees the handling of the customer information with full confidentiality and will not give them out to a third party.

B. Shipping, handling and delivery:

  1. Terms of delivery depend on the applied mode of delivery and its destination.
  2. Calculation of the shipping costs are based on your order weight and dimensions. When your order received the shipping costs are added and if you agree you can arrange the payment. If you find it too high you can cancel via email.
  3. The date of dispatch depends on the quantity of the ordered goods, their possible special requirements and number of the orders placed before yours. Dispatch date is indicated in our confirmation.
  4. Our prices do not include the costs of delivery.
  5. We reserve the right to part-deliveries (if no other possibility exists).

C. Payment:

1. Payments shall be effected in ALL cases in advance.
2. In case of extra sizes and requirements surcharge is applied which is added to the product price automatically. Customer is clearly informed about this during the online purchase.
3. Modes of payment:
a. Credit card: the sum will be debited accordingly once you enter your card data and confirm.
The Bank offers its virtual POS service to support the acquiring of the following cards: embossed Visa, EC/MC,JCB.
Credit Card Security Once you enter the area of the site where credit card information has to be submitted you will be transferred to a SECURE server. You will see https:// at the beginning of the web address in your toolbar rather than http:// signifying that the area is secure. You will also see a padlock in the toolbar at the bottom of the browser. These pages are encrypted with 128 bit encryption and are GUARANTEED 100% SECURE. There is no way for a third party to read the information and it can only be decrypted by us.

b. Bank remittance: proforma invoice is issued within 3 working days and sent to the customer for remittance

4. Part-payments could not be accepted.
5. Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase

a) If customer decides to withdraw from purchase she/he should indicate this in writing to with the order number, preferably before dispatch
b) Customer has right to withdraw within 14 working days once the order received, the products are kept unused,clean and in condition as arrived. In this case PBT Historical fencing is obliged to return the purchase value as soon as the products are returned, maximum within 30 days
c) Based on the Hungarian Governmental Order 17/1999 (II.5) all costs in connection with returning are born by the Customer
d) Returning address: PBT – 1139 Budapest, Teve u. 9/d, Hungary
e) PBT Historical fencing has the right to require the damage value occured by inproper use

D. Warranty:
The warranty for the fencing equipment made and distributed by PBT Historical Fencing is valid up to six months from the purchase.

This covers for the case if:

  • the goods purchased are defective or manufacturing and material defects respectively arise during the warranty period
  • in case of a complaint within 48 hours the defective or yet unused goods will be replaced
  • the defects occurring during the warranty period will be repaired if they are reparable, if not, then replaced.Our warranty obligation ends if the Buyer does not preserve or make available the defective goods in their defective state.

The warranty does not cover the following cases:

  • unprofessional and careless handling
  • defects caused by radical washing agents and not keeping to the washing instructions
  • dents caused by weapon on the mask

Special terms:

  1. There is no guarantee on damage of the uniform due to broken fencing blade.
  2. The mesh of the non-FIE-masks can get oxidized in humid environment.

E. Other conditions:

  1. Exchange of products: any product purchased could be exchanged only against product. Any cost occurring in connection with such an exchange (delivery, packaging etc.), rests upon the buyer. Only unused products could be exchanged.
    Except the case when the size, product delivered by us does not correspond to the order or the product has some defects. In this case the occuring costs are payed by our side.
    Products can be exchanged within 30 calendar days starting from the day of delivery to the recipient.
    Tailored, extra large outfit/clothing, name printed or national color painted uniform could not be exchanged. According to this, please indicate accurately the size when ordering.
  2. Product alteration: we reserve the right at all times to make changes on our products. To follow these we draw your attention to our web site and catalogue.
  3. Further sale: to sell the goods bought from us to a third country, the buyer should previously inform us to receive our approval.
  4. Colors: Colors of the goods in their real appearance may vary a little bit from the printed catalogue or website colors. There could be slight color differences between two productions