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HEMA foam practice longsword


This padded sword-like tool has been designed for the practice of fencing techniques. It advantage is that it dissolves the power of hits.

Advantages of the padded sword:
- It can be safely used without any protective clothes on
- Similar to the metal sword in its shape, weight and weight distribution
- Durable

With the appropriate control used, this padded sabre is convenient to practice duels.
Useful for starters to learn and pratice the basic movements and prepares the fencers for the use of metal swords.
Helps in learning how to keep distance from the opponent when no protective clothing is used.
Important safety advices:
- The sword blunts the hits but does not absorb them. If you strike a hit with full speed, it can cause serious injuries.
- The padded sword is not convenient for full-contact fencing hence it is made from wood inside.
- It is advisable to use padded foam only against another padded foam because other sharper weapons can harm this tool.

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